Welcome to Cypher Blockchain

Cypher Blockchain will be a dedicated consensus to support the development of future “AAA” level games. 

A string between Blockchain developers and game developers will make sure to provide high-end quality game development in the blockchain ecosystem.

When Gaming Meets Blockchain

Introducing Cypher Blockchain, which takes your gaming experience to the Next Horizon.

Involve yourself in an immersive experience of future Triple "AAA" level High-End graphic games.

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Our Ecosystem

Optimal choice

Validators/Miners (rewarded based on engagement, block creation, transaction validation, verifying activities, voting, maintaining records, etc.)


Developer Community (rewarded based on bug bounties, alpha testing, etc.)

Community Centric

Gaming Community (rewarded based on developing games on Cypher Chain or building GameFi dApps, etc.)

Cypher Roadmap